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We’ve upgraded to Gutenberg for an improved experience.
Crafting Coming Soon and Maintenance pages is now a breeze.

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Site Mode streamlines maintenance and ‘coming soon’ page creation. Discover our powerful features.

Easy to Use & Customizable

Simply set up and customize your pages using Gutenberg blocks, making the process straightforward and user-friendly. Tailor your “Coming Soon” and “Maintenance” pages to reflect your brand with flexible options.

Wizard Setup

Easily configure your pages with a wizard setup that lets you choose whether the page is “Coming Soon” or “Maintenance,” and select templates for import.


Ensure optimal SEO with Site Mode’s features, including customizable SEO meta titles, descriptions, and image settings.


Seamlessly integrate with tools like Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel to monitor and analyze user interactions and traffic.

Advanced Settings

Fine-tune your website’s behavior with advanced configuration options, including disabling the REST API, RSS feed, enabling redirects, whitelisting user roles, and pages.

Step 1: Select Type

Choose Between “Coming Soon” & “Maintenance Mode”

In this first step, decide whether you want to create a “Coming Soon” page to generate excitement or a “Maintenance Mode” page to notify visitors about updates.

Step 2: Pick a Template

Select a Design Template

Browse through a variety of design templates and choose the one that best suits your website’s style and message.

Step 3: Customize with Ease

Adjust Colors and Elements

Customize your page by modifying colors and deciding which elements, such as countdown timers, subscription forms, and social icons, you’d like to include or hide.

Step 4: Import Content

Let the Wizard Do the Work

 Allow the wizard to import the necessary content and settings to swiftly create your page, saving you time and effort.

Step 5: Preview and Edit

Review and Make Changes

After completing the wizard, you can preview the page you’ve created. If you want to make further adjustments, you can do so using the Gutenberg editor.

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Explore our Site Mode demos to witness the simplicity and effectiveness of our tools for website maintenance and captivating ‘coming soon’ pages.

This plugin allows pushing updates on the live site from the backend while providing a great user experience to the visitors by communicating with a clear message on the front using a modern and stylish design provided by the plugin.

Ihtisham Zahoor

I highly recommend Site Mode as it is user-friendly and has saved me a great deal of time and hassle while working on my website. Additionally, it offers customization options to suit your specific needs

Sajjad Hussain

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